Arizona Daily Star Poll shows Napier Leading the Way

This poll published in the Arizona Daily Star shows I have significantly greater support in the community than my opponent (bottom left). Your support means a lot to me. Thank you. I would be honored to earn your vote. Please vote Napier for Pima County Sheriff. Together we can keep our Sheriff's Department moving forward with experienced, educated, and effective leadership that serves all of us and keeps everyone safer.

Sheriff Napier Elected Treasurer to Southwestern Border Sheriff's Coalition

A big congrats to Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot, Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, and Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels for representing Arizona on the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition (SWBSC). Take a look at the SWBSC release below:
On September 30, 2020, Zavala County, Texas Sheriff Eusevio Salinas was elected Chairman of the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition (SWBSC) by the membership during their Annual Fall meeting which was held via Zoom videoconference.
Following is the complete list of newly elected SWBSC officers who will serve a two-year term through September 2022:
Chairman Sheriff Eusevio Salinas, Zavala County, TX
1st Vice Chairman Sheriff Eddie Guerra, Hidalgo County, TX
Secretary Sheriff Mark Dannels, Cochise County, AZ
Treasurer Sheriff Mark Napier, Pima County, AZ
Director Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez, Val Verde County, TX
Director (PC) Sheriff Leon Wilmot, Yuma County, AZ
The Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition was established in 2007 to assist Sheriffs from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California whose counties are situated within 25 miles of
the United States and Mexico international boundary. The SWBSC assists the 31 County Sheriffs with the protection of lives, property and the rights of the citizens and inhabitants;
to maintain order and public safety along the United States/Mexico border; to enforce laws impartially; and to provide police services in partnership with other law enforcement
agencies, organizations, and community partners.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has experienced a significant reduction in violent crimes in our jurisdiction from 2015 - 2019

As part of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Accountability, Community Engagement, and Transparency (A.C.T.) Reform Plan, The Pima County Sheriff’s Department publishes crime statistics on the Community Accountability web page. The Community Accountability page will serve as a source of information regarding department statistics, policies, training, and more.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has experienced a significant reduction in violent crimes in our jurisdiction from 2015 - 2019. These crimes, including Homicide, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, and Auto Theft, are classified as Part 1 Crimes.

The Crime Statistics show us that while the jail population has decreased this year, crime has continued to decrease in 2020. The inmate population at the Pima County Adult Detention Complex has reduced from a daily average of close to 1900 inmates to today’s inmate population of 1497.

This year, the trend in crime reduction for Part 1 Crimes continues, and we have seen a decrease in overall calls for service in 2020.

January – August 2019 January – August 2020
Part One Crimes: 5,888 5,270
Overall Calls for Service: 86,373 79,015

To see our up to date statistics, view the calls for service section on community accountability page of the Sheriff’s Department Website at

Pima County Adult Detention Complex Set to Receive Highest Level of Accreditation

PCADC has just completed its first re-accreditation process and is expected to receive a Level One Accreditation- the highest level of accreditation from the National Institute of Jail Operations.

Pima County Sheriff's Department Advanced Officer Training- Diversity and Disabilities

The Pima County Sheriff's Department is committed to providing effective and professional training to meet the safety needs of our community. This is reflected in the department's training hours which exceed the minimum requirements for the State of Arizona.
As part of Sheriff Napier's A.C.T. Law Enforcement Reform Plan, certain training has been expanded to further enhance community interactions. One of these courses is, "ADA and Law Enforcement Training- Interacting with People with Disabilities.” PCSD Media Specialist, Kevin Adger, reports on the expansion of the course and the benefits it will provide to our community.

Communications Center Implements Crisis Call Transfer

This week the Pima County Sheriff’s Department implemented a new program that will transform the way 9-1-1 call-takers triage calls from those in a mental health crisis. Through our continued partnership with Arizona Complete Health callers identified as having a behavioral health need, and no immediate safety, criminal, or medical concern will be transferred to the Arizona Crisis Line.
Earlier this year, the Sheriff’s Department began working closely with Arizona Complete Health to expand our partnership and establish a phased implementation of the call triage system. Call-takers will divert calls to specially trained Crisis Professionals (CPs) for immediate de-escalation, crisis stabilization and, if needed, dispatching of a Crisis Mobile Team (CMT).
In the traditional 9-1-1 model, first responders would have been dispatched to the scene and once on scene, would have been expected to identify the need for crisis care then request the appropriate resources- all of which causes care delays. In this integrated model, Arizona Complete Health has opened a new pathway for people experiencing a crisis to more quickly get the crisis services they need.
Pima County Board of Supervisors Approve Community Engagement Specialist
I am appreciative that today on a unanimous vote the Board of Supervisors approved our request for the establishment of Community Engagement Specialists. Community Engagement Specialists are an important element of our ACT Reform Plan. When hired, they will fill a vital role in providing enhanced service to the community for mental health, substance abuse, and other similar calls that do not require a deputy or have a presenting enforcement nexus. This is a resource that communities across the country have been asking law enforcement to make available and I am proud that PCSD is once again leading the way.

The Community Accountability Web Page is Live!

On July 8th Sheriff Napier presented the Pima County Sheriff's Department A.C.T. Law Enforcement Reform Plan. Since the announcement, the department has been working on multiple facets to ensure the August 17th deadline outlined in the plan was met. As part of the ongoing reform efforts in the plan, the following actions are now active:
Established in 2019, the Sheriff's Citizen Advisory Council (SCAC) was created by Sheriff Napier for members of the community to share ideas and concerns. Under the Accountability pillar, will consist of two sub-committees will be created to provide valuable feedback regarding discipline and use of force incidents.
We are now accepting applications to be on this panel. 
Community Engagement
Outlined in Community Engagement is the creation of Community Engagement Specialist positions to help the department respond and evaluate certain calls within the community that may not require a police officer. Sheriff Napier has confirmed a meeting with the County Administrator later this month to discuss funding for these positions during the current fiscal year.
Conceivably the most anticipated portion of the plan is the Community Accountability page. The Community Accountability page will serve as a source of information regarding department statistics, policies, training, and more. Until now, much of the department's activity, while public record already, was not immediately available. Sheriff Napier has implemented a plan to correct that. "When there is a vacuum of information, a lack of transparency, it is usually filled with inaccurate negative information and general suspicion. The new Community Accountability page will be a source of department information to the community we serve".

Sheriff Napier Launches A.C.T. Law Enforcement Reform Plan