Mark D. Napier

Pima County Sheriff


Sheriff Napier is a tenured, experienced, decorated and educated law enforcement professional who is committed to moving our sheriff's department forward.  We simply cannot return to the cronyism and corruption of the past.  Sheriff Napier is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather.  He has been a resident of Pima County for more than 32 years.​​



Bachelor of Science - Social Psychology - Park University (1999)

Master's Degree - Criminal Justice - Boston University (2004)

FBI National Executive Institute - attending in 2020​

National Sheriffs' Institute (2017)

National Incident Management System - Tucson Police Dept (2006)

Certificate - Public Policy Management - University of Arizona  (2006)

Senior Management Institute for Police (2003)

Public Executive Program - Arizona State University (2001)

Project Management Certification - City of Tucson (2001)

Peace Officer Certification - Tucson Police Dept. (1987)

Peace Officer Certification - State of Iowa (1982)


Police Officer - Marshalltown, Iowa Police Department (1981 - 1987)

Police Officer - Tucson Police Department (1987 - 1994)

Police Sergeant - Tucson Police Department (1994 - 2000)

Police Lieutenant - Tucson Police Department (2000 - 2005)

Police Captain - Tucson Police Department (2005 - 2008)

Assistant Director - Glendale Police Department (2008 - 2009)

Associate Director - University of Arizona (2009 - 2017)

Facilitator and Lead Facilitator - Masters in Criminal Justice Program - Boston University

Bureau of Justice Administration - Peer Reviewer - Grant Programs (2009, 2010, 2013)

Actvity as an Educator

Sheriff Napier is an experienced and active adult educator.  For 15 years he has served as a course Facilitator and Lead Facilitator for the On-line Masters in Criminal Justice Program at Boston University.  As a Facilitator he provided direct academic support and instruction to graduate students in Criminal Justice.  As a Lead Facilitator he supervised the activity of Facilitators and ensured the academic integrity of the program.  He has expert knowledge of the field of Criminal Justice.

Sheriff Napier has also served as a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute.

Awards and Recognition

Magnus  Leadership Medal - Command & Leadership College (2018)

Copper Letter - Mayor of Tucson (2008)

Retirement Medal - Tucson Police Dept. (2008)

Chief of Police Citation of Excellence - Tucson Police Department (2005)

2002 Law Enforcement Unit of the Year - Arizona Auto Theft Authority (2002)

Medal of Service - Tucson Police Department (2001)

Civic Service Award - Homicide Survivors (2000)

Medal of Merit - Tucson Police Dept. (1998)

Exemplary Service Award - Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training (1998)

Medal of Merit - Tucson Police Department (1994)

Unit Citation Medal - Tucson Police Department (1994)

Numerous commendations and letters of appreciation (1981 - present)



Patrol Officer - Marshalltown, Iowa P.D.

    • SWAT Team

Patrol Officer - Tucson P.D.

    • Field Training Officer
    • DUI Officer 
    • Court Liaison Officer
    • Police Instructor

Police Sergeant - Tucson P.D.

    • Field Supervisor
    • Hostage Negotiator 
    • Internal Auditor 
    • Basic Training Sergeant 
    • Planning and Research Supervisor 

Police Lieutenant - Tucson P.D.

    • Patrol Commander
    • Economic Crimes Section Commander
    • Accreditation Manager
    • Executive Officer for Chief of Police

Police Captain - Tucson P.D.

    • Capital Projects Manager
    • Patrol Division Commander

Assistant Director - Glendale P.D. 

Command responsibility over:

      • Investigations
      • Budget
      • Personnel
      • Academy
      • Accreditation
      • Communications
      • Detention
      • Technology
      • Records

Associate Director - University of Arizona
Management responsibility over:

    • Special Events
    • Alternative Transportation Programs
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Parking Facilities
    • Paratransit Programs
Sheriff McGruff BB

Leadership Positions

Vice President - Major County Sheriffs of America

Vice President - Arizona Sheriffs' Association

Vice Chair - Executive Committee Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)

Chair - Border Security and Immigration Committee, Major County Sheriffs

Executive Committee - Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

Member - Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Managers (SALEM)

Legislative Committee - Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

Executive Committee - Arizona Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)

Unified Command - Alliance to Combat Transnational Threats (ACTT)

Chair - Appointed Professionals Advisory Council - University of Arizona FY14/15 and FY15/16

Member - President's Cabinet - University of Arizona FY15/16

Member - Diversity Task Force - Univesity of Arizona

Member - Campus Community Relations Committee - University of Arizona 2009 - 2017